Tarmacadam, Tarmacadam Limerick,Tarmac Kerry, Athea Tarmacadam
Tarmacadam, Tarmac Kerry, Tarmac Limerick, Athea Tarmacadam & Landscaping, Tarmacadam Limerick, Tarmac Driveways Kerry Limerick
Athea Tarmacadam is a trusted household name and family owned business when it comes to services in Tarmacadam in Limerick & Kerry.  An Irish owned family business & local employer with a hands on approach by owner Peter O'Connor the owner, who guarantees a top quality tarmac job in the timelines you require.  Peter O'Connor has been in Tarmacadam Service in Limerick and Kerry for over 30 years.  It is testament to his excellent skill & good service he has remained a leading supplier in Tarmacadam Services in Limerick and Kerry for decades.   Tarmacadam is perfect for areas used by vehicles,  driveways, roads, courts, sports centers & of course petrol forecourts of all descriptions.

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30 Years in Business!
Tarmacadam Services Kerry, Tarmacadam Limerick
Tarmacadam, Tarmac Kerry, Athea Tarmacadam & Landscaping, Tarmacadam Limerick, Tarmac Driveways Kerry Limerick
Tarmac is a clean, long lasting, versatile product also used for paths & playgrounds. Tarmac comes in different colours & styles so there is a choice & the outcome can be alot more creative than you imagine!  Athea Tarmacadam also offer landscaping services in Limerick, Kerry & beyond. We make sure to use only the finest materials so you get the best possible last and finish on any groundwork, driveways & roadworks.

At Athea Tarmacadam & Landscaping all our employees are fully trained on latest methodologies. Everyone is skilled in machine & manually laid tarmac for domestic, business and commercial purposes and are fully insured.   Athea Tarmacadam has a proven track record in commercial road ground work as well as three decades in domestic tarmac and landscape projects! Call today for your free quote!

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The Best in the South West
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